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When all minds thrive

The competitive advantage of neurodiversity in the workplace

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No two brains are the same and nowhere is this more evident than at work. While one person may feel overwhelmed by frequent meetings, another may crave daily interaction with their team. And just as one person thrives in remote work, another flourishes amidst the vibrancy of the office.

These differences are a tremendous strength because individuals who think, communicate, and process stimuli differently also come up with distinct insights, perspectives and solutions. Unfortunately, many work environments are often tailored exclusively to the most common types of brains, leaving neurodivergent brains—often associated with labels such as giftedness, high sensitivity, autism, ADHD, and dyslexia—without the space to deploy their specific talents.

This results in the enormous potential of neurodiversity going untapped.


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Over Saskia Schepers

Saskia Schepers is dé expert en spreker op het gebied van neurodiversiteit en doceert aan diverse hogescholen en universiteiten. Ze is auteur van 'Als alle breinen werken' over neurodiversiteit binnen organisaties. Saskia is een creatieve geest die haar jarenlange HR ervaring en een achtergrond in organisatiewetenschappen inzet op thema's als learning & development, culture & change en neurodiversiteit. Saskia is momenteel onder meer bij ABN AMRO actief als projectmanager en adviseur op het gebied van HR(D) en welzijn. In 2022 won ze samen met het Diversiteit & inclusie-team van ABN AMRO de eerste Nederlandse Neurodiversiteit Award voor het neuro-inclusieve beleid bij deze bank.

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Introduction 9

Part 1 – The power of neurodiversity 17
1 What is Neurodiversity? 19
2 Neurodivergent talent 30
3 Why not all minds thrive (yet) 47

Intermezzo – The Brain manual 69

Part 2 – Don’t ask a fish to climb a tree 79
4 From managing to giving space 81
5 More than the sum of its parts: the neurodiverse team 117
6 The radically inclusive organization 147
7 How do I thrive as a neurodivergent in the workplace? 186

Part 3 – Guidelines for common and non-common brains 211
8 Labels as training wheels 215
9 Brains under the microscope 222

Afterword 265
Acknowledgments 273
Books, articles and websites 278
Notes 282

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        When all minds thrive